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Full Circe Experiences

We love the Lake District. It is our home. We live here happily and its our heart's desire to share all the treasure that we have found here. We cherish our connection to nature and the animals; we wish to share this, and the wellness it bestows on us, with you. If you love your holiday, if you absorb the beauty of the landscape, find a sense of peace, bliss and a heart-lifting appreciation of this jewel of a planet and take this home, then we will have succeeded.

We have structured a series of experiences, that we run from Rydal, that take place within the this beautiful heartland of the Lakes. They are designed to deepen your connection to yourself, others and nature and leave you feeling amazing. For us holidays are about relaxing, embracing wellness, immersing yourself in the landscape it and emerging feeling healthier, calmer, happier with more of you available to the people you love.