The Happy Ape

The Happy Ape

Happy Apes, is more then a ‘wellbeing’ experience or an adventure. It is an education in what it is to be free. To connect with the wild within you and learn what it takes to be happy. Exploring the self through play and adventure, connection and challenge in nature. Group and individual experiences utilising tree, rock, water and wood. Connect as a group and explore boundaries with structured play fighting or 'rough housing’.

Whatever, your fitness level or personal ability, Ben Atkinson, can table a sequence of rewilding unwinding and bonding activities suited to you, your family or your group.

Ben, your facilitator is a renown adventurer and activist. His award winning video ‘My own hands’ shows you the commitment of his practice.
Life and death commitment in every movement and moment, trains focus, calm and balance. The skills he honed in the trees allowed him to pull off a dramatic internationally reported direct action for Extinction Rebellion in 2019 climbing the side of Big Ben and evading the police for three hours

He invites you to meet your humanity as he really is stripped bare of pretension: relative to the apes, looking beneath the veneer of urban comforts you explore yourself from novel perspectives.

"I love introducing people to the heritage of their minds and bodies".

“this is the best thing I have ever done”

Ok - I want to share how happy my little boy is at 'Barefoot Ben's' (as my 5 yr old calls him) tree climbing group. He is a child that isn't easy to get to go to new things and doesn't often engage easily in groups however he loves to come along to Ben's sessions. On the first time we went I could see how happy he was then at the end Ben asked everyone if they had enjoyed themselves and Felix jumped up and said 'this is the best thing I have ever done' with a big smile on his face. I was almost in tears as it is very rare he is so enthusiastic about things.
Reviewed by Hatti - April, 2020
“I like climbing up high with bare feet”

It was really good, and I like climbing up high with bare feet and felt proud and happy. The pillow-fighting was exciting, and i was suprised when i won one. i like Ben he is kind and i liked watching him climb the tall tree.
Reviewed by Kirsty Williams and Milo - March, 2020
“a wonderful day”

We all had a wonderful day. Kai was so proud of himself he was able to be barefoot. He suffers from raynauds, but it didn't affect him today!
Reviewed by Laura - March, 2020

This is a three hour session available from Monday to Friday from 1pm with a minimum capacity of 1 person.

The pricing varies depending on how many people book a session and is great for families.
1 person £100
2 people£80 each
3 people £70 each
4 people £60 each
5 people or more £60 each

Why not include a discounted add-on to this activity booking:
Massage £40 each
Guided Meditation £10 each
Axe Throwing £25 each
Yoga £10 each

All activities are subject to availability.

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Alternatively, contact Katherine & Ben for more info:  |  08435 235 026

Full Circle Activities

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The Happy Ape
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